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4 Steps to the Perfect Sleep Environment

It matters, guys! I can appreciate that when your little one was just a thought, you imagined his/her room as something akin to a Pottery Barn nursery. I’m thinking, wall-to-wall framed images, a colourful rug, mood lighting, themed bedding, a toy bin filled with cuddly (sustainable) stuffed toys, and maybe a teepee if there’s space (are those still in?). While all of this sounds lovely, it can definitely make for a pretty stimulating space for your little one to fall asleep.

I’m not saying to ditch all the awesome décor, but just maybe save some of it for when they get older and they can enjoy it while awake.

Here are 4 things to consider when creating the perfect sleep environment for your baby:

1. Keep it Dark

I mean dark! While the mood lighting feels calming, the response to darkness is the production of melatonin which is the hormone that promotes sleepiness. Try blackout curtains or blinds if the light is seeping in during the day. You’ll find that naps go down with a lot less fuss in these conditions.

2. Keep is Cool

It may sound cold, but studies show that babies sleep best in a room that kept between 65 and 70 degrees. Obviously, you should follow your baby’s lead on this, but a warm, comfortable sleep sack or onesie in a cool room will often lead to better sleep than no cover in a warm one.

3. Keep it Comfortable

Our babies spend a LOT of time sleeping, so a comfortable sleep is key. Like investing in a good mattress. Save your money on mobiles and large décor items, and put it towards this.

4. Keep it Boring

Like I said, there’s a lot of stimulation in a highly decorated room. Lots to look at when you’re supposed to be sleeping. Keeping it simple with muted tones, blank walls, a highly accessible change table and just the soothing sound of the sound machine, will keep baby settled, calm and easing well into sleep.

I know it feels unfair to deny the simple pleasure of baby décor, but sleep is definitely more important. You know that now.

Besides, as your child gets older, you get the opportunity to discover their personality and what they enjoy. Then, you can take pleasure in adorning their walls with these little symbols of them that have meaning. But for now, keep it simple, sweetie!

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