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A Little Bit About Me…and My Thoughts on Sleep

I’m Gina, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, Certified Child Behaviour Specialist and the founder of Lulla By Gina Sleep Consulting. As a mom of four active boys, including identical twins (I know!), I am highly empathetic to the struggles of sleep deprived parents and the challenges of parenting. I understand where you are - I'm your parenting ally!

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My journey to become a Certified Sleep Consultant began with training my twins, but finally took me to the finish line with my fourth baby. Once I got him sleeping through the night, it was truly life changing. The house was quiet and calm by 8pm, with my four babies’ snug in their beds (Ok, the older ones are nine and six, but my babies all the same) . We now feel at peace knowing our kids are getting the rest they need and that we can too. After that, I just knew I wanted to help tired parents get through to the other side of their sleep troubles. I’m their biggest advocate!


I strongly believe that being a parent doesn’t mean that sleep is lost forever! It just isn’t. The beginning might feel rough while baby is just learning the ropes and demands are high, but sleep (restful sleep that is) is a learned skill, and if we teach our children this skill, they will have it forever. We take sleep for granted until we are deprived of it, and then we see how our world quickly falls apart. Our little ones need it for survival AND so do we. 

Helping parents and their kids get back on track with the sleep they need gives me so much joy. Parents have their evenings back, the whole family is rested, and ultimately everyone is healthier and happier!   


Family, friends, even strangers constantly tell us what a happy, cheerful child we have. The reality is that she is a very well-rested child
― Marc Weissbluth



I’ve learned and so will you

Sleep training my four boys has been a gift for our family and I see firsthand the immense benefits of healthy sleep habits. It wasn’t always easy, my boys put up their share of fights with many nighttime wake ups and bedtime battles as toddlers. But I continued to educate myself and stuck to my goals around sleep hygiene for my family.


To this day my boys are some of the best sleepers I know, and I want you to feel the same of your own kiddos.


Inspired by my family’s love of sleep, I decided to learn even more and become an expert in the field of sleep to help other tired families. So here I am - mom of four wonderful sleepers; consultant to happy, rested clients; and certified through the Sleep Sense program ( one of only five programs recognized by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, APSC) - ready to help you get the rest you deserve. 


Sleep is Our Superpower: The Importance of Sleep

Day to day life can be hectic. And we live in a world that praises busyness, over-scheduling and being overworked. The full night sleep gets replaced with longer work hours or tasks that can often be left for a later date. Sleep gets neglected! Yet, sleep is what gives us optimal performance, the necessary brain power to complete such tasks effectively, along with the physical performance that allows us the energy we need for survival, let alone the demands of everyday life. 

Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges the brain’s battery. Sleeping well increases brain power just as weight lifting builds string muscles, because sleeping well increases your attention span and allows you to be physically relaxed and mentally alert at the same time.

Then you are at your personal best!

― Marc Weissbluth

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