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Additional Services and Add-Ons

Looking for a little extra support? Or, find you have a new sleep challenge on your hands later down the road? I'm always here to help.

Follow Up Support

If we’ve worked together before and you are back, in need of advice/a plan for a specific sleep challenge, without a 2-3 week support commitment, I can provide the following:

  • Updated Questionnaire

  • Complete assessment of your child’s sleep at this time

  • 1-hr private phone call to discuss the sleep challenges and goals

  • Targeted sleep plan for the specific issue

  • One week of email support

  • $200 + tax

1-hr Phone Session

If you are in the middle of training or have completed training and would like to discuss solutions for additional sleep issues that arise, I would be happy to set up a 1-hr call to work out what’s going on.

  • $75 + tax

Return Client Advantage

Return customers will receive $50 off their chosen package. Add-ons not included.