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Hey! I'm Gina, your Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach & Certified Child Behaviour Specialist

I'm your #1 Sleep & Child Behaviour Resource, Guide and Educator!
Start a specialized sleep program or book an individual/family behaviour coaching session.

Learn more with a 
free 15-minute consultation
to discuss how I can help! 


Pediatric Sleep Services

  • Guiding and supporting through the newborn stage,

  • Solving nights and naps, and setting out ideal sleep routines/schedules for the little 5 to 18-month old's, and...

  • Tackling bedtime battles and sleep refusal from the mighty toddler! Plus...

  • Working with bedtime anxieties and late nights with older children.


Child Behaviour

& Parenting Services

With a Certification in Child Behaviour and Development, I support parents with personal family coaching and education - providing the tools and counseling approach to help parent with success. I have the tools you are looking for on a wide range of topics.

  • Book an individual coaching session, group session or workshop

A Little Bit About Me…and My Thoughts on Sleep

I’m Gina, the founder of Lulla By Gina Sleep Consulting. I'm a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach & Certified Child Behaviour Specialist. As a mom of four active boys, including identical twins (I know!), I am highly empathetic to the struggles of sleep deprived parents and the challenges that come with the hard work of parenting. I understand it all - I'm your parenting ally!

My journey to become a Certified Sleep Consultant began with training my twins, but finally took me to the finish line with my fourth baby. Once I got him sleeping through the night, it was truly life changing. The house was quiet and calm by 8pm, with my four babies’ snug in their beds (Ok, the older ones are eleven and nine, but my babies all the same) . We now feel at peace knowing our kids are getting the rest they need and that we can too. After that, I just knew I wanted to help tired parents get through to the other side of their sleep troubles. I’m their biggest advocate!


I strongly believe that being a parent doesn’t mean that sleep is lost forever! It just isn’t. 

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About Me

Get Sleep Back!
How it Works

Book Your discovery call

Step 1: Book a free discovery call with me. This will help you get to know me, and help me get to know you and your little one. Through this chat, I can understand your current sleep situation and tell you how I can help.

Complete onboarding questionnaire And Full sleep assessment

Step 2: I will share a questionnaire for you to fill out a few days before we begin our plan. This will help me determine the full scope of your sleep challenges and draft the perfect sleep plan for you and your child! 


Step 3: I've completed a customized, detailed and easy-to-follow plan to help you and your family get the healthier sleep you deserve.

Whether over the phone or on Google Meet, we will meet for 1-hr where I will provide sleep education, a walkthrough of the plan details, further discussion on next steps and goals, and answer any questions you have. I'm here to ensure you are starting your sleep plan with confidence! 


Step 4: Once we've completed our 1-on-1 consultation, you are ready to put the plan in motion towards getting the much-needed rest back into your home. 

I've now invited you in to our private shared Sleep Log, where you will share the details of your child's daily sleep in real time. The log is laid out with detailed columns, so all you need to do is jump in from your device or laptop to share timing or notes and I can comment and advise where needed daily.


Step 5: When I say I'm here to support you, that is the difference between following online guides or books, or advice. I'm your ongoing guide while we work together to help you stay on track, provide advice, education and recommendations.


Sleep Log: Through our log , I will provide daily guidance and can share any changes we may need to make to the plan over time.


Phone Support: We will have multiple scheduled follow up calls, where we can work through questions you have.


Unlimited Email Support: Drop me a line anytime and I'll get back to you with the info you need.

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The goal of our time together is to get your little one into a healthier sleep routine, essentially sleeping well, and leaving you and your family feeling rested. You have made it!

My goal as your sleep coach is to ensure you get here, and I will work with you until you do!

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