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Toddler Sleep? Common FAQ's

Q: When should I transition into one nap?

A: The transition to one nap most commonly happens between 13-18 months. A common sign that your baby is ready for one nap is that they will take their first nap, but play or cry at the second nap. If this is happening for 4-5 days in the week for two weeks, it’s likely time. When you decide to make the change, stick with it!

Q: When is my child ready for no naps?

A: At around 3-3.5 is when you should consider removing the nap. It’s important to note that there isn’t just a stage where the nap should be removed, around this time you will start to notice that your child is getting to sleep later or refusing their normal bedtime hour. This is the sign, and actually the reason the nap may need to go. Early bedtimes are important, and if the nap is releasing too much sleep pressure in the day that your child is not tired enough by their bedtime, it’s best to lose the nap and aim for an early bedtime through the transition.

Q: When is it time to switch to a big kid bed?

A: I recommend keeping your child in a crib for as long as you can, 3+ is ideal. At this age, it’s easier for them to understand the transition and boundaries that go along with staying in their bed during sleeping hours. If your child is climbing out of the crib earlier than this, then you may need to make the transition sooner for safety reasons.

Q: Should a toddler still have a bedtime routine?

A: Yes, definitely! A bedtime routine helps them relax from the day and cue their body that it’s sleep time. This applies to toddlers as well. Especially since they are more likely to push those boundaries – keeping a consistent routine will help them understand that the bedtime hour doesn’t change, rules always apply and for our little ones, there is comfort in knowing what to expect before any transition.

Q: Is it too late to sleep train a toddler?

A: Absolutely not! It is never too late. The strategy is just a little different since our toddlers are older and understand more. We are working with them on bedtime boundaries, making bedtime more enjoyable and welcoming and staying in their bed during sleeping hours. The goal is the same, a well rested child!

I love working with toddlers! Reach out if you are looking for support.

Got some toddler sleep questions? Send me an email and if it's a reoccurring one, I may add to this list!

If you find yourself struggling with your little ones sleep and you not only want it solved (I can definitely do that for you), but you want to adopt a clear schedule that works and you want to understand how to make better decisions around sleep once your child is sleeping well, we must chat! Book a free 15-minute sleep assessment call to share where you are at with sleep and see how I can help you achieve the above.

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