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Hello Fall! Getting Back into Routines

The summer always feels too short and I know that we are never ready to wrap our heads around that Back-to-School timing. But, it is coming, and I only want you to feel prepared.

Over the summer it may be inevitable that your child has gotten used to later bedtimes and later mornings. We want to take advantage of that evening sun, and mornings are less of a rush. It’s how summer goes.

But, if you are a parent that loves structure and routine (like me!), you know this is short lived – you embrace the casualness of summer knowing your comfort with consistency and routines will be back come Fall. The only thing is we ‘gotta bring them back, and stick to them for our children to become accustomed to them again.

No biggie! It’s all about managing your expectations and being consistent.

Here’s what this looks like:

Manage your Expectations: If your child has been used to staying out at the park until 8:30pm, it would be tough to all of a sudden get them in bed at 7pm…If your 3 year old has been waking at 8am each morning, a 6:30-7am wake up call to be ready for daycare will create some fuss. We have to be prepared that there are growing pains with change and transitions. Let it sink in and accept that the first couple weeks back in your old routines (or maybe new ones) will be a challenge for your little one (and you) to get used to.

Be Consistent: But with the above in mind, the transition back to routines will progress more quickly and effectively if you keep at the same routine each day.

  1. Your child will start to find familiarity in the routine again (which will instill comfort and trust) and will minimize their frustration/confusion with the change.

  2. Your child’s body clock will now get used to the updates in timing and will adjust accordingly.

  3. Your child will know what to expect each day, which will minimize pushback.

Tip for easing into the routine:

This is best if you are implementing a few weeks before getting into the full blown routine. For best results move bedtime 15-minutes every 2 to 3 nights, and wake them 15-minutes earlier every 2 to 3 mornings. Continue until they are at their usual times through the year.

Hope this helps ease your mind when making those transitions back to routines.

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